Topic: NFC Hackathon in Boston - June 14th-15th

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Just wanted to post something about the NFC Hackathon in Boston that's coming up.  Brought to you by AccelerateNFC and sponsored by TapTrack, the NFC Hackathon is a great place to share knowledge about NFC development and meet other NFC savvy developers.

Don’t miss AccelerateNFC’s free Hackathon. Apps must run on Android 4.1 or higher, and will need to focus on:

Social   – Enhance, alter, and establish social interactions.
Gaming – Enrich games and possibly take them beyond the digital world and into the physical realm.
Internet of things – build bridges between the Android device and real-world objects. Leverage tools ranging from NFC tags, NFC-enabled appliances, or dedicated NFC-enabled devices built on Arduino and the Raspberry Pi minimal computing platforms, or other embedded platforms.

The AccelerateNFC Hackathon will choose a first, second and third prize winner. One winner will be selected for each one of the themes – Gaming, Social, Internet of things. Each of the three winners will then be ranked with each other to produce an overall winner, second place and a third place winner.

First Place: $3000
Second Place: $2000
Third Place: $1000

For more info contact: or check it out at: … hackathon/

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