Topic: Mifare Plus S/X Write Perso with ACR122T


First of all I'd like to introduce myself:) Hi to everybody and thanks for your helping hands!

My problem...

I'm trying to initialize a Mifare Plus S 2K using an ACR122T and some APDUs. I've been racking my brains trying to figure out how to do it! (I've read all app notes from NXP, datasheets, ISOs and so on)

Does anyone know which are the APDUs required to fulfil the initialization?

Any advice/help will be appreciated!

Thank you in advance:)

Re: Mifare Plus S/X Write Perso with ACR122T


Did you found any solution? I have a same problem with ACR120U and ACR122U readers. I cannot init my Mifare Plus X 2k cards, I wrote message to ACS and NXP but they didn't answer.