Topic: Support custom drivers

I am working on a project where I want to use libnfc in environment where none of the drivers can be used to communicate with the PN532 chip. I have implemented a custom driver (bus actually) to do that, but I find it not very flexible to statically link in all the supported drivers.  It is also not very sustainable because this driver probably is only useful to my project - this means that it will never be merged into libnfc, and if a miracle happened, someone would have to take the burden of maintaining it. For this reason I propose adding a function to the API:

int nfc_register_driver(nfc_driver* pnd);

I can't think of a useful use case for un-registering a driver though, but it wouldn't be too difficult to add

The fixed size array could then be replaced with a linked list.

Is there any interest in such feature? If so, I would be happy to contribute a patch.

Re: Support custom drivers

We think it's a valuable idea!
I've opened an issue:
Please submit your patch there.