Topic: cheapest uid changeable card?

Hi guys,

I know there is one big seller (xfpga com) who is earning a lot of money by selling uid changeable mifare cards. So I searched a little bit through the world wide web and found another competitor (rfidshop com hk) who is also selling uid changable cards for 6$. So I asked myself 25$ per card VS 6$ per card were is the difference?

Yesterday the card for 6$ has arrived and it was possible with my hardware (openpcd2) to change uid without any problem - so I didn't find any differences.

So when anybody knows a shop were you can order these cards for under 6$ please post it under these thread. I'm a pure student so maybe it helps other people like me to safe some money.

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Re: cheapest uid changeable card?

Hi Conax,

After playing a while with my Mifare cards, i would like to try those "magic chinese cards". I spent some time on the site you mentioned (rfidshop com hk) without findind this particular item sad Could you provide a link or a reference to look for ?

Best regards,

Another student wink

Re: cheapest uid changeable card?


We sell UID changeable cards and fobs that use the Magic Chinese Guy function. Our supply is based in the United States with free USPS shipping.

Please visit the supply section at CloneMyKey LLC.

Re: cheapest uid changeable card?

I bought mine there  about 1usd  each

Re: cheapest uid changeable card?

I just bought from Clonemykey on ebay and the transaction has been perfect. bye

Re: cheapest uid changeable card?

I know this is an old thread but and my post is off topic becuase it relates to the Ultralight (7 byte UID) but I just wondered if anyone has a good source for fully writeable (blocks 0 to 15) Ultralights?