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Hi, web master,

This forum is shown abnormally when the browser fonts is set large, please check it and here is how to reproduce the senario.

I like large font as I sit quite far from my computer to keep my health.

When I set the font size to be 36 points, the post subject is only partly shown, and when I set the font to be small, there's no problem.

I've tested it to be the same for Firefox, Arora and Konqueror on Kubuntu.

I guess it's a problem of fixed point(pixel) CSS style, if you use a more fluid CSS style, there should be no problem.

If need any help, please contact me, as I know a little web development, and I'm a newcomer to libnfc that I may select to be our code base of a new PN532 NFC design on SPI port.

Cheers, fellow programmers,

Re: Abnormal website display in large fonts

I've noticed another abnormality in Firefox 3.0 in large font.

The Contents side navigation list will be rendered on the bottom left but the upper left, what's I guess intended consistently, this problem seems to be gone when I set the font size to be smaller than 30 points.

This is severe as I don't know where to browse with the Contents Navigation list on bottom left in the morning, I found there's this list in the afternoon when I need to check some more information.

This seems not occur in Arora and Konqueror.

Re: Abnormal website display in large fonts


On my 24" it looks still good, even when I press view->zoom->zoom in (CTRL+/Apple+) many times.
I use Firefox 3.5.3 on a MAC, Windows and Linux(Ubuntu). If you send you setting-changes and can make a screenshot I'm maybe able to investigate this problem.

Best regards,


Re: Abnormal website display in large fonts

Hi, Roel,

Here is the screenshots:

I use a 17" LCD, the problem just seems that the contents or subject fields is not given enough horizontal space when font is set large, so it'll be OK on a 24" screen.

I've not checked the reason carefully, I just say that I like fluid CSS style always, though beautiful website is much easier to build with fixed point/pixel  CSS style.


Re: Abnormal website display in large fonts

BBCode add . to this erroneously.

Re: Abnormal website display in large fonts

Maybe the "bigger-font-option" changes the layout of the forum.

The (main)website indeed doesn't scale up when you visit with a smaller screen and press CTRL+, the forum tough looks still nice when you zoom-in. Zooming with CTRL+ keeps the forum somewhat better organized compared to the "bigger-font-option".

The (main)website needs a quick(dirty) fix to avoid loosing(dropping) the menu on the left, I will try to look into this.

Besides, for a descent workspace with bigger fonts, a bigger screen wouldn't be overkill right?

Re: Abnormal website display in large fonts

This is a problem that most websites have as most web designer/design software assume a large screen with small fonts, so it's not urgent, and in reality, I'm the only one who complain by now.

As a FUD to MS Windows, I like to set Windows XP in 120DPI with the largest font.

Bong, you'll see a lot problems now on Windows desktop, even many MS builtin program will display ugly or misaligned, not to say a lot 3rd party programs.

At least this is not a problem in either KDE or Gnome on Linux, so I believe some Linux advocates' claim that Windows is even no better than Linux on desktop GUI, it's dominant just because the whole world is spoiled by it in an early age.

I'm not sure of the situation of Mac, I plan to buy a cheaper Mac notebook later from outside China.

I know about the fluid CSS design mainly from a course by W3C on mobile web design, from the W3C view, the reality of web is just a chaos that they seem just recently begin to face practically (I mean the drop of XHTML in favor of the approval of HTML5 by W3C recently).

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Re: Abnormal website display in large fonts

there should be capcha to be filled while registration... that will prevent the spamming by bots. As i see you are getting a lot of spam. So that's gonna be a life saver.