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Which is stable version of libnfc  for ISO14443B?
I tried last SVN (today), 1.5.1, 1.4.2 and none get UID from SRIX4K with nfc-list.
I tried to snoop with Proxmark3, and not detect data.
I'm using a SCL3711.

Thank you

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Current svn should work fine.
I tried with what I had as typeB variants here:
$ nfc-list
NFC device: SCM Micro / SCL3711-NFC&RW opened
1 ISO14443B' passive target(s) found: [...]
1 ISO14443B-2 ASK CTx passive target(s) found: [...]

Note that I fixed right now (r1405) a bug in TypeB' detection.

Note also that some TypeB cards are quite sensitive to field rapidly powered on, reader ASK LoGO based on same chip has special hw features for a better handling of those typeB.
You can try manually to "ramp up" the field:
* run pn53x-tamashell WITHOUT card on the reader
* type: 4a 01 03 00 (enter)
* you'll get a Tx: 4a  01  03  00, at this point the reader is waiting for a typeB card
* present your card and see if it gets detected
You can redo the test by leaving the card on the reader and maybe see that detection becomes less reliable. If so, it's the problem I described above.


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Dear all,

I have the same problem with SRIX4K and SRI512 tag. I can't read the UID. What verson support this one? Pls help.

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What is the device you use ?

Romuald Conty

Re: Version stable for ISO14443B

How to retrieve the keys to dump and write on this card in particular?