Topic: Sony Felica RC-S370


I have a Felica RC-S370 USB Card Reader/Writer and have been successful in installing libnfc on Ubuntu.  The problem that i am running into is that after running nfc-poll a couple of times and successfully reading data from the Felica tag, the applications (nfc-poll, nfc-list) hangs up and I have unplug the Felica Reader/Writer (USB dongle)  to make it work again correctly.    Is this is bug or is there a way to get around this ?

Here's the trace of running nfc-poll

trace    libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb    device found: Bus 006 Device 025
trace    libnfc.general    1 device(s) found using pn53x_usb driver
trace    libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb    3 element(s) have been decoded from "pn53x_usb:006:025"
trace    libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb    TX: 00  00  ff  00  ff  00 
trace    libnfc.chip.pn53x    GetFirmwareVersion
trace    libnfc.chip.pn53x    No timeout
trace    libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb    TX: 00  00  ff  02  fe  d4  02  2a  00 
trace    libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb    RX: 00  00  ff  06  fa  d5  03  33  01  30  07  bd  00 
error    libnfc.chip.pn53x    Unexpected PN53x reply!
trace    libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb    TX: 00  00  ff  ff  00  00