Topic: Emulating ATS


I've been using LibNFC and RFIDIOt for a while for relay requirements.  I have two Tikitags which I normally use, plus a proxmark3 for sniffing.

I have recently come across an application where APDU requests sent to the card are based on the ATS returned by the card.  Therefore, to get into the correct APDU exchange with the reader, I need to send the correct ATS.  I am finding with the Tikitag I cannot do this as it automatically sends the ATS.  I have ordered a PN532 breakout board, but I think the restriction may be in the PN532 chip itself so this may not help me.

nfc-relay-picc has code to do this so has anyone managed to emulate ATS responses, and what hardware did you use to do it?

Re: Emulating ATS

I have now also got an SCL3711 but that doesn't look like it will emulate ATS.  Anyone else done this?