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Topic: PinKey SDK with NFC API


I would like to introduce you the pinKey SDK project. This project, lead by Card Tech srl, aims to provide an Open Source platform over which to develop rich NFC-capable applications. Obviously the main building blocks of our NFC software stack are libnfc (1.4.2), libfreefare (0.3.1) and libndef (1.1.1) libraries.

I think it represents one of the firsts projects having reached a significant maturity stage, allowing for the developer to build custom NFC-oriented applications.

The provided application environment is based on Qt Framework and Qt Quick technology (http://qt.nokia.com). Currently it takes advantages on Qt 4.6 with the upgrade to the more powerful Qt 4.7 release with full Qt Quick and Qt Mobility support already scheduled for the near future.

At the moment we have developed a system service that handles NFC target discovery and recognition of Mifare Ultralight and Classic tags, providing an easy-to-use API that includes Read & Write functionalities of both raw an NDEF messages compliant to the NFC Forum standards (NDEF, TLV, etc. specifications).

This system service is integrated into a complete embedded operative system, called ODIN OS (http://developers.card-tech.it/odin-os), delivering biometric identification through a fingerprint recognition technology.

This particular platform can thus be used to build applications specifically conceived for security driven services, such as micro-payments, access control and secure data management.

To demonstrate the platform suitability to this particular application range, we've also developed several demos and examples, based on these services, that are included in the SDK (e.g. vcard exchange, simulation of NFC-based micro-payment, personnel identification with both NFC and biometric readings, password management, etc.).

The reference hardware, an in-house development device called pinKey Touch, features NXP's PN532 chip with the option for a P5CN072 SAM (Security Access Module) connection.

The pinKey SDK will be soon available for free download from the Card Tech Developers community website at the following address:


On the same website you can find more informations about pinKey SDK and pinKey Touch reference device.

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Re: PinKey SDK with NFC API

I'm proud to announce that the pinKey™ SDK 0.9.8 (Tech Preview) is now available for free download!

You can see the official announcement here:

http://developers.card-tech.it/blog/pin … ch-preview

The download link is now enabled and the gates of the developers community opened! wink

Re: PinKey SDK with NFC API

Today we released the second tech preview version of our pinKey SDK  (0.9.8 Tech Preview 2).

You can see the official announcement (with the changelog since the previous release) at:

http://developers.card-tech.it/blog/pin … available/

The internal NFC service is now based on the 2.x.x trunk version of libnfc.

Re: PinKey SDK with NFC API

On the 23th of September we released the third Tech Preview of our pinKey SDK (0.9.8 Tech Preview 3).

You can see the official announcement (with the changelog since the previous release) at:

http://developers.card-tech.it/blog/pin … available/

In this version, as well as the other changes, we improved the speed of NFC reading and writing on Mifare Classic tags and fixed the writing on Mifare Ultralight tags.