Topic: Specify target device in examples

I noticed that most of the examples will take the first PN53x device they find, and it could be quite helpful (essential even) to be able to specify a specific board via an optional argument (i.e.: "./nfc-emulate-tag /dev/usbTTY1").  As it is now, I wanted to test emulating a card on one board (/dev/usbTTY0) and run nfc-poll on the other (/dev/usbTTY1) but this isn't possible since they both try to use the first device found.

It's trivial to change in the example SW and recompile or make your own application, but it could be helpful to add this by default in future versions to the examples as well since they are quite useful for quick debugging and to make sure your HW is working OK.

Just a suggestion anyway.

Re: Specify target device in examples

We already discuss about this point on our issue tracker, feel free to complete the issue : … %20Summary

Romuald Conty