Topic: MySnapper 1.0.2 released

I am pleased to announce that our client side application to support reloading New Zealand Snapper cards online has now been released.

The reason for this posting is that this application uses libnfc ( version 1.2 at the moment ) to provide cross-platform (win32/win64,Linux and MacOSX) driver support for talking to the Snapper Feeder (NXP PN531).

In terms of layering, we have an Adobe AIR application talking to a native application compiled with a static copy of libnfc-1.2 supporting only the Snapper Feeder.

On Windows 32bit and 64bit platforms this uses a signed installation of libusb-win32 that provides driver bindings for the PN531.

We will be posting the source to the binary application shortly.

Re: MySnapper 1.0.2 released

Thank you for informing the community about this development. It is a pleasure to see that we can inspire non-commercial as well as commercial projects. We hope to support all the developers that use libnfc.

Is it possible for us to point out the signed libusb-win32 driver for PN531 devices? Is this a generic driver, or did your company pay for the certification expenses?

Thank you again very much for your contributions and support!

Cheers, Roel

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Re: MySnapper 1.0.2 released

We had to pay for the code-signing license for libusb-win32, we did not go through the windows certification process, so the end user still has to accept the driver but it's given a green light rather than a red "we don't know who wrote this" message.

The drivers are delivered in three separate MSIs, one for win2k/xp, another for vista-7/32bit and another for vista-7/64bit.

Our support page provides downloads for the driver only MSIs which contain the signed libusb installation. … r-package/

Re: MySnapper 1.0.2 released

Great, thank you again for info. We want to update the website with better information about projects that are using libnfc. I assume that your company (Snapper) has no problem if we mention and link to the product website?

Cheers, Roel

Re: MySnapper 1.0.2 released

We have no problem with libnfc mentioning/referencing Snapper involvement and usage. You can certainly provide links to the product pages/downloads.