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I am trying to build RFID reader based on pn531 (which can not read ISO14443 type B). Unfortunately it can't read HID's iClass cards.
My question is - what type of card is it? Is it type B?
I have CardMan 5321 which can read the iClasses. The reader is build with NXP's RC632  RFID reader chip.

Thank you in advance.


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By the iClass card you mean these cards?
The datasheet says "Meet ISO 15693 and 14443B2 for contactless communications." so yes, it probably is Type 2.
You could use a PN532 or PN533, both are able to communicate over ISO14443-B using libnfc.

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roel wrote:

By the iClass card you mean these cards?
The datasheet says "Meet ISO 15693 and 14443B2 for contactless communications." so yes, it probably is Type 2.
You could use a PN532 or PN533, both are able to communicate over ISO14443-B using libnfc.

10x roel,
unfortunately the iClass I am trying to read is ISO15693 and neither of PN5xx this chips supports this standard.
I've read successfully the cards with OmnyKey Cardman 5321 reader which is using CLRC632 chip.
Maybe there is a way to use S2C interface to communicate with this kind of cards. If so please give me a hint.


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I'm not aware of the possibility to communicate ISO 15693 frames using a PN53X chip.

ECMA352 describes NFCIP-2 that includes the vicinity standard (ISO 15693). The ECMA340 describes NFCIP-1, which is fully supported by the PN53X chipset, but that only includes ISO 14444 Type A/B and Felica (Type C).

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Dear Jarry1111,

Please, be polite with spamming in the community!

The fact that you actually took a post about HID iClass (ISO 15693) to promote the PN531, PN532 and PN533 sounds pretty useless to me. It would be better to tell us in this post that you sell the PN544 chip, since that is the only chip that does support Vicinity Cards. wink

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Hi Kondelez (or others)

I am working with reading HID IClass cards with at CLRC632 IC in my own design.

I can read ICODE2 / ISO 15693 cards, but have not succeded in HID IClass Elite.

Do you know or can you read the CLRC632 register settings when reading the HID IClass cards?

The register settings of my setup when trying to read HID IClass are:

Transmitter and control:
0x11 - TxControl - 0x5B
0x12 - CwConductance - 0x3F
0x13 - ModConductance - 0x3F
0x14 - CoderControl - 0x2F
0x15 - ModWidth - 0x3F
0x16 - ModWidthSOF - 0x3F
0x17 - TypeBFraming - 0x00

Receiver and decoder:
0x19 - RxControl1 - 0x8B
0x1A - DecoderControl - 0x14
0x1B - BitPhase - 0xB5
0x1C - RxThreshold - 0xAB
0x1D - BPSKDemControl - 0x00
0x1E - RxControl2 - 0x41
0x1F - ClockQControl - 0x00 (calibrated during setup with 0x40 command)

RF Timing and channel redundancy:
0x21 - RxWait - 0x08
0x22 - ChannelRedundancy - 0x2C
0x23 - CRCPresetLSB - 0xFF
0x24 - CRCPresetMSB - 0xFF
0x25 - TimeSlotPeriod - 0x41

When requesting the UID I use the inventory command by sending:
1. Flags: 0x66
2. CMD: 0x01
3. Mask length: 0x00

I hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: HID iClass

I hope that others can verify or supply further information than this regarding HID IClass.

Found in HID documentation
- Meets ISO 15693
- Communicates at 26 kbps (In ISO 15693 terms this means Data coding "1 out of 4").

Open questions
- One or two subcarriers?
- 10% or 100% ASK?
- Must the cards be selected with a certain mask value, as used in ISO 15693 anticollision?
- Others?

I look forward to read if any others have usefull informations regarding this.

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I did some research on HID iCLASS 13.56MHz . To answer your initial question about using ISO 14443B to talk to iCLASS cards is impossible. The iCLASS On-Air-Protocol is compatible to PicoPass as apparently the same card hardware is used - seemingly just re-branded to HID and used together with a customized reader Firmware plus their own per-card-key derivation schemes. As you can see in the On-Air-Protocol documentation of PicoPass the configuration fuses disable ISO14443B and thus only ISO 15693 is active for iCLASS cards.

The most important finding was that HID iCLASS Standard Security cards can be easily read and copied with low cost consumer USB RFID readers due to the fact that the same two keys were used world-wide for all HID iCLASS Standard Security installations. As HID iCLASS High Security / Elite uses a different key derivation, I can't read these cards currently - for that  the extracted reader firmware needs to be reverse engineered first. 

An in-depth description of the security analysis can be found at in the white paper .

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Re: HID iClass

Hi Flummer,

I am trying  CLRC 632 to read ISO 15693 cards.
I found that in this post,u have already read the ISO15693 card using CLRC632.
Can u post the register settings for CLRC 632 to read the ISO 15693 cards.

Thanks in advance

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Dear all,

Anybody success configure CLRC632 transcevier chip for ST tag SRI512 and SRI4k. I configured CLRC the same with ISO14443B  but i cant read the UID, and can't receive anything after implement the INIT tag command. Pls help me.

Regards, Mt