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Topic: DL533N Reader/Writer - using two devices simultaneously | libnfc

Hi all,

I experience a problem when connecting two DL533N Reader/Writer to my virtual machine.

When I run the tool nfc-relay from the examples provided by libnfc, the program stops working after printing the following output:

niklas@niklas-ubuntu-virtualbox:~$ nfc-relay
nfc-relay uses libnfc 1.7.1
Hint: tag <---> initiator (relay) <---> target (relay) <---> original reader

NFC emulator device: NXP / PN533 opened
[+] Try to break out the auto-emulation, this requires a second reader!
[+] To do this, please send any command after the anti-collision
[+] For example, send a RATS command or use the "nfc-anticol" tool

In addition to that, pn53x-diagnose detects the following error:

niklas@niklas-ubuntu-virtualbox:~$ pn53x-diagnose
pn53x-diagnose uses libnfc 1.7.1
NFC device [NXP / PN533] opened.
 Communication line test: OK
 ROM test: OK
 RAM test: OK
NFC device [NXP / PN533] opened.
error    libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb    Unable to receive data: buffer too small. (szDataLen: 1, len: 8)
pn53x_transceive: cannot diagnose communication line: Input / Output Error
 ROM test: OK
 RAM test: OK

Does anyone know the reason behind this problem and a possible workaround for it?

Thank you!