Topic: mifare help

hi guys when i scan my nfc i am getting,
is it mifare ultrlight
atqa 0*0400
sak 0*20

when i  scan on another application it shows
atqa 0*0004
sak 0*20
tag type nxp mifare plus

iso 14443-4

getting confused what is my tag type and what card type should i select to scan it ?
when i select mifare ultralight nothing happening,when i use mifare ultralight app to scan it,,getting display message it is not mifare ultralight tag,wen i scan using mifare classic app.gettiing error it is not a mifare tag..

help me out guys very much confused ..doing research on it for past one week

Re: mifare help

rf technology iso/iec 14443,type a
atqa 0004
sak 20
00000000(4 byte )
got this result when scanned using mifare classic
also got big warning (not a mifare classic tag)