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Topic: How to send data(NDEF/binary/words) from pn532 to android p2p ?

How can I send data (any data : word,vcard,.etc on an NDEF or binary or words) from pn532 to android or vice-versa?

I just got libnfc 1.7.1 and I control the pn532 directly using java program by sending it some commands to read NDEF message from NFC card. It works. Now I want to send data from my android phone (Nexus S) to pn532 connected to a linux computer. What should I do? Do I have to install libnfc-libllcp? Do I have to install or program an app to control my android device? I have tried command TgInitAsTarget based on document "PN532 User Manual 141520.pdf" . When I put android device on top of the pn532 and executed the TgInitAsTarget, the android device will response and pn532 give respond back to controller(computer) but I don't know what does it means. The respond was : 25 e1 d4 00 70 b5 0a c9 69 07 f7 da 62 bf 00 00 00 32 46 66 6d 01 01 11 03 02 00 13 04 01 96
And I have no idea where should I put my data(that I am trying to send) so I can send it to my android or vice-versa.

Can anyone help?