Topic: Question about write ID sector

from description of  nfc-mfultralight i've read this:

To set the UID of a special writeable UID card, edit the first 7  bytes
of  a  dump  file and then write it back, answering 'Y' to the question
'Write UID bytes?'.

but how do that? how edit the dump created?

This it's my situation:

root@studyhome-HP-EliteBook:~/nft-mfultralight.1# nfc-mfultralight w NewTestDup.mfd
NFC device: ACS / ACR122U PICC Interface opened
Found MIFARE Ultralight card with UID: XXXXXXeaa9XX80
Write OTP bytes ? [yN] y
Write Lock bytes ? [yN] y
Writing 16 pages |ss..............|
Done, 14 of 16 pages written (2 pages skipped).

Very tk's!

Re: Question about write ID sector

You need to buy a special card that has rewriteable UID bytes. These can be found around the internet for ~$20. Normal cards will not let you write the UID bytes.

You can edit the dump with any hex editor.