Topic: NFC Material for Tagging Metal Equipment

I have been looking for an adhesive nfc material that i can use to tag carabiners. Anbody who has used carabiners know that it withstands a lot of abuse. If you are unfamiliar with carabiners, just google it and you should see some images.

Is there any kind of NFC material out there that can withstand strong abrasion and weather conditions and flexible enough that I can 'paste' it over a carabiner?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: NFC Material for Tagging Metal Equipment

I'm not even sure if the metallic carabiner would allow NFC to work.. Assuming it does, there isn't much surface to put an antenna on anyway, let alone something that would withstand the usual abuse the device has to suffer through.

I believe the only solution would be to have them embedded inside the metal, but then the antenna problem still stands. Any kind of antenna would be external and would thus quickly become damaged (no pun intended, my username is totally unrelated wink )

Edit: a quick Google later turned up this : (apparently can't post URLs, maybe the admin could whitelist me?), as you can see even a product that's designed for exactly that purpose had to put the chip in a separate plastic disc on top of the actual metal carabiner.