Topic: Some doubts on properties

I am implementing a driver for MFRC522 and I have some doubts regarding some stuff for which I couldn't find on the documentation what they do:

  • What's exactly "easy framing"?

  • What's "infinite select" used for?

  • What does return rc522_initiator_poll_target? Number of found tags? Or the count of modulations where there are tags nearby? What is it supposed to return if a tag listens to more than one modulation and bitrate? The RC522 has no "poll" command so I will have to do this in software and I need a clear understanding of what it does.

Re: Some doubts on properties

Hey socram8888,

I wanted to ask you about the status of your driver implementation for the MFRC522.

I also need a driver for the rc522. Maybe you can share your work with us?


Regards from Germany

Re: Some doubts on properties

Look at mi GitHub, "libnfc" branch "master" (can't link it)

After the PR was closed I haven't been working publicly anymore.