Topic: Do wired NFC Tags Exist ??


I have been searching for a unique Tag requirement :

(1) Is there any offering (NFC Tag) wherein I can read / write data in to the NFC Tag using NFC Writer (the writer should be able to carry out both write as well as read functionality) but in later time-frame the data / information stored can be read using wired communication ..say using I2C ??? .

(2) Why the requirement is peculiar is that there's requirement of wired Tags , wherein the information stored using NFC can be later read by the wire communication. I have not been able to home on to any particular existing Tags with this facility.

(3) What would be the maximum time the information stored remains intact ??

Please advice

Re: Do wired NFC Tags Exist ??

The FeliCa Link and FeliCa Plug from Sony can can be wired to a µC. Documentation can be found via Google "sony felica tech-support". One place to buy is at the international page of the Japanese company SwitchScience, Google for "switchscience international nfc". Integration of a FeliCa Plug with Arduino and example sketches can be found by "felicalauncher blog arduino". (Sorry for not giving links but the Forum software did reject them.)

NXP seems also have something comparable but I'm not sure what it's name and where to buy.

Re: Do wired NFC Tags Exist ??

do you mean?
ST M24SR … =m24sr-pr1
NXP NTag I2C … _ics/ntag/