Topic: How to read NDEF ?

Am I stupid? I can't seem to find any info on reading NDEF messages with libnfc. I found "libndef" but the "qt" library or whatever is gone? I searched nokia's website as the url "" doesn't work. Can anyone help? I am building a python script that needs the tags' NDEF text string. Thanks guys.

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You are right, libnfc does not contains NDEF related info.
Because NFC, at technically stage does not means NDEF...

NDEF is a "file" format to encode things. Please read papers from NFC-Forum smile

libndef is good library to encode/decode NDEF but relies on Qt for handle string encoding (UTF-16, UTF-8, etc.) maybe you could find something equivalent in pure Python; I dont know.

Romuald Conty

Re: How to read NDEF ?

I am also having the same problem guys, I have been desperately searching on the web for over a month for this..
Then I found this website "Poking around on a Mifare card: LibNFC crash course" … h%20course

I tried to modify the quick_start_example1.c from libnfc 1.7.1  but it doesn't succeeded. Can we work this together to solve the problem? I really need this to work on my project using Raspberry Pi and PN532 module with I2C interface to read and write ndef message into mifare classic 1K (in the future it might be a different card since this card have security issues).

This is my post on the raspberry pi forum "NFC ndef read write mifare classic tag PN532" … 15#p783915
It has been there for a long time and no one replied anything.

Re: How to read NDEF ?

  • libnfc is a library to drive NFC device (called: reader/writer, encoder/decoder or better PCD)

  • libfreefare is a library on top of libnfc to drive some NFC tags (e.g. MIFARE Classic 1k, MIFARE DESFire, etc.)

  • libndef is a library to decode/encode NDEF messages

So you need all of them to be able to read an NDEF from a tag put on device smile

Romuald Conty