Topic: noob trying to use mfcuk

i have done some research into cracking mifare cards, and i am new to this.
i use ubuntu 14.04lts
i have purchased an acr-122u reader.
i would like to use it to try to crack a mifare classic card however information on this is either in another language or non-existent. i have archlinux on a disk if necessary, however would someone be able to explain how to run mfcuk on ubuntu 14.04lts? also does anyone know if their is a gui frontend in development for mfcuk? i believe i will need to run a dark side attack to obtain one of the keys, then use that key and a mfoc attack to find the rest of the keys. how would i install mfcuk and the necessary libnfc libraries and so forth and how would i run them? i apologize if their is already a thread for something similar to this, how ever i would like to be specific. i greatly appreciate any help that could be provided. (including links to web pages / threads related to this) thank you very much

- csltr

Re: noob trying to use mfcuk

Please RTFM...

Romuald Conty