Topic: libmrtd and mrtdreader

Hi everyone,

I have written a small C library and a tool for reading out the content of a machine-readable travel document (aka e-passport). It supports BAC and it will dump your passport image to a file called image.jpg.

The library is called libmrtd and the tool mrtdreader.

I would appreciate if you guys could test the program with your hardware and your passports and come with some simple feedback about whether it works or not.

You will find the source here: github(dot)com(slash)rubund(slash)mrtdreader

It depends on libnfc (of course) and libgcrypt20. (In debian/ubuntu do "apt-get libnfc-dev libgcrypt20-dev")
and it is released under GPL-3+

Run it simply after install and ldconfig with :
mrtdreader <MRZ>

<MRZ> is the bottom line on your passport (the machine-readable zone)


Re: libmrtd and mrtdreader

I have noticed some problems with libnfc 1.7.0, so it is safer to run with 1.7.1 in case some of you wants to mrtdreader.

This error message appears with 1.7.0:
libnfc.driver.pn53x_usb Application level error detected

I have not traced the source of the problem yet.