Topic: NTAG 203 Support

Dear all,
Do Libnfc has a support for NTAG 203 or NTAG 213?

How can i set Lock Bits or NTAG 2013 with Libnfc.


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Re: NTAG 203 Support

If you write to the 2 and 3 byte of the 2nd Page of an NTAG2X3 you can lock Pages 0-15.

See below for example

const uint8_t NtagLockPageAddress = 2;
 uint8_t LockPages4to15Data[] = {0,0, 0xF7, 0xFF};

boolean LockNTAG213Pages4to15()
    /* Need to write to Page 02, byte 2 and 3 */
    /*PRocess is irreversible */

       if (!nfc.ntag2xx_WriteAnyPage(NtagLockPageAddress, LockPages4to15Data))

Based on the response in how-to-write-protect-an-ntag203-nfc-chip-programmatically-on-android