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Topic: APDU and ISO1443-4 question

My name is Peter and I am a new member at this forum.  I was hoping someone can help get me moving in the right direction.


I am working with an NFC tag IC (AS3953) which has support up to ISO14443-4 and I can communicate with it using the reader I received with my development kit. 

But now I want to talk to it using a standard NFC reader that supports smartcard APDU command/response pairs.  My question is how do the bytes in the APDU commands fit into the ISO14443-4 packets?  Is an APDU packet wrapped in additional bytes, or does the ISO14443-4 layer just move the ADPU bytes "as is"?  Does this question even make sense lol smile

For example, if I send the command APDU = {FF B0 00 04 10h} and if the buffer on my NFC tag IC fills up with the ISO14443-4 data, will my receive buffer just contain these bytes, or will it be encoded or wrapped in some other fashion?


A sticky-thread at this forums recommends the PN532 breakout board from Adafruit.  Does anyone know if I'll be able to send and receive raw ISO14443-4 frames with libnfc and this board?

I apologize for the noob questions.  Initially wrapping your head around a new field is always the most difficult because you don't even know the right words to use yet!