Topic: nodejs nfc

Hello everybody,
my topic is just a question.
In the last days i was googling around to find some nfc library to use with nodejs, these are the results:
- ndef-js
- mifare-classic-js
- node-nfc

- ndef-js is a well-made formatter utility to work with ndef messages/records;
- mifare-classic-js wraps in javascript code the three main shell commands (read, write, format) that libfreefare provides to work with mifare-classic tags. It's more or less working, but it's really limited to mifare-classic, and i'm not sure that wrapping shell commands is the best method to interface with libfreefare smile

- as you can see, the only one real wrapper of libnfc is node-nfc, but it offers limited functionality (only UID showing) and looks like it's not reliable yet.

Do you know if there's something more?
Is anyone of you working to a nodejs libnfc module?

IMHO nodejs and npm can really help nfc to become more and more pervasive in embedded systems (eg: raspberry-pi) and surely, would open a lot of new scenarios for this technology.
I'm sure that some great nfc module will pop-up!


Re: nodejs nfc

I prefer the mifare-classic one.
It allows for the formatting of data and easy usage with mifare classic cards (duh!)