Topic: authentication no response

I send the command 1A:00 to the Ultralight C tag by using APDU command
Here is the log:

inList passive target
write:  4A 1 0
read:   4B 1 1 0 44 0 7 4 C2 35 CA 2C 2C 80
write:  40 1 1A 0

I don't know why when I send 1A 00, it did not respond with RndA?

My code is this:

bool success = nfc.inListPassiveTarget();
    if (success) {
    uint8_t auth_apdu[] = {
    uint8_t response[255];
    uint8_t responseLength = 255;
    success = nfc.inDataExchange(auth_apdu, sizeof(auth_apdu), response, &responseLength);
    if (success) {
      Serial.println("\n Successfully sent 1st auth_apdu \n");
      Serial.println("\n The response is: \n");
      nfc.PrintHexChar(response, responseLength);
        // response should now contain the R-APDU you received in response to the above C-APDU (responseLength data bytes)

When I try to read pages with command 0x30, <number of page>, it works OK, but not the authentication command: 1A:00
I don't know what I am doing wrong here

Re: authentication no response

Use 42 (InCommunicateThru) instead of 40 (InDataExchange):

42 1A 00