Topic: Connect Nfc Bridge Pn532 ATMEGA32U4 to pc and use libnfc

Hi all,
i searched, but i can't find the answer to my question.

I have this bridge NFC. How to connect to pc (I2C or another) to work with libnfc.

Here I leave the reader pictures and features.

Completely compatible Arduino/ Freaduino
    Communication range: 8 cm
    ISM band: 13.56MHZ
    Communication Interface: IIC
    Built-in PCB antenna
    Immersion Gold design
    Input Voltage :7-12V
    IO Operating voltage: 3.3V
    Size: 90mm × 52mm

The Bridge pictures:

Thanks for help.


Re: Connect Nfc Bridge Pn532 ATMEGA32U4 to pc and use libnfc

Hi ale88,

I read your posts and everywhere you are asking about trivial things... Could you try to read documentation, datasheets, manual from various locations to be (a little bit) aware of what you are doing?

This question is, for example, a non-sense question : since your board is a MCU-equipped board on front of PN532, you have to choose the way to connect to PC, you have to write/upload firmware to pass commands and results from PN532 to PC (and vice-versa). Plus, if you do not stick to UART basics, you will need to write a new driver for libnfc.

Your bridge is not ready to be used with libnfc, you have to understand what you have (type, architecture, etc.) and what it required to be used with a PC (firmware, driver, etc.) before attempting anything with libnfc.

Romuald Conty