Topic: NFC relay with two laptops

I am very new to this field just in case my questions seem to trivial. I would like to let you know that any attempt to help is highly appreciated:

1- How do I know if my tag is of type A or B?
2- when i run the nfc-relay-picc, I get RF transmission error. I can't find what it means, does anybody have a clue?
3-I read in a paper that libnfc allows to have two laptops relay the communications from the two NFC devices plugged on USB ( one on each laptop). Can anybody please explain to me how I can do that?

Thank you in advance for your time

Re: NFC relay with two laptops

1- nfc-list -v
2- What readers are you using? Further more I don't know this error
3- man nfc-relay-picc

this works for linux, i have no idea on windows.

Re: NFC relay with two laptops

Thank you very much for your reply.

I just realized the cause of the problem, I was giving the reader a 15693 tag ( vicinity).
My question now is, why isn't there relay attacks against this type of tags ( or at least haven't found any yet in the literature?) Usually it is against 14443-A. Or why not the 14443-B?
Does anybody have an idea?