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Topic: 14443-4 Type B Relay


I'm doing some research on 14443-b cards, and, I'm trying to do a relay attack. My setup works fine, with a 14443-A card, with the software nfc-relay-picc. As stated in the man pages it does not support Type B cards.

I was wondering why, and if I were able to build it my self. I have 2 types of readers ACR122u and the SCL 3711 but i have read some where that card emulation for Type B doesnt work at all for NXP.

Is that the reason why there is no relay tool/script for type B cards?

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Re: 14443-4 Type B Relay

Oké I have found out that the problem is Card emulation. Now I'm trying to just send all the raw data trough the relay. I know it might give timeing issues.

Is there away with libnfc to recieve and sent raw data, without card emulation?

My setup will be 1 laptop with 2 SCL 3711, this will be the best I think.

Do you guys think I will get problems with the magnetic field or do i have to turn the magnetic field off at the Target?