Topic: Reading a different block?

I have been looking all day, and I cannot figure out how to read a different block?

Specifically I am trying to read Block 4, since that is the block I wrote too on all my cards (48 cards). They all have unique numbers, so I would greatly rather not have to rewrite them all or have to change anything in the rest of the system.

But I can't figure out how to read anything besides the UID. Any help is appreciated.

Oh, it is a ISO14443A tag.

Re: Reading a different block?

Your information is incomplete.
ISO14443A ok but what kind of card?
MIFARE Classic? Ultralight? Jewel? Topaz?
Are you sending crafted commands manually, using a library, using a graphical tool?

Re: Reading a different block?

I actually got it working. But I was just trying to use the libnfc library, I didn't have any other tools.

I just took the code from /libnfc/utils/nfc-mfclassic and made it just read the block I wanted and output to the screen instead of saving it to a file.