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Topic: SCL3711 (PN533) Card Emulation not possible?


i've got a SCL3711 NFC-Reader here and I want to use it in card emulation mode. I need to emulate a Type 4 Tag, but the emulate-forum-tag4 application always crashs with "In: e0 80".

I've read something about PN533 devices are not supported by this example application - is that right?

Is there a way to do card emulation with this device and LibNFC?
And if not: What device should I buy to make it possible?

Re: SCL3711 (PN533) Card Emulation not possible?


Your hardware and all PN533 are not able to emulate any modulations following standards.

You can't emulate ISO14443-4A tag correctly with this kind of hardware, the only chip that is able to do it correctly is PN532 breakout board or similar (ie. PN532 shield, PN532 connected using USB->UART dongle, etc.)

Romuald Conty

Re: SCL3711 (PN533) Card Emulation not possible?

Would this work without problems for card emulation (type 4 tag)?

http://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-nfc- … pberry-pi/

Re: SCL3711 (PN533) Card Emulation not possible?

Yes, it will work as its a PN532 directly connected.

Romuald Conty