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Hi there guys, I am new to the forum and I have to say that this forum is very useful for somebody starting in the nfc tech. I want to ask a question regarding the compatibility between the two nfc chips bcm20792(galaxy s4) and the pn532(acr122). I just finished a project that beam data from the phone to the pn532 and receive back the response depending whatever I first send. The project works fine with a Galaxy S3, however when it comes to galaxy S4 the Phone only receive data, it can not beam data to the pn532 reader. Even more the phone sometimes send data but the nfc controller gets stuck and I have to restart it in order to put it to work. At first I thought that it was an issue regarding the programming of the PN532 but it works with the s3, then I thought it could be the secure element in the S4 that stops the communication for some reason.
I would like to know if somebody experienced this issue before and could let me know what was the solution. Thanks so much

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As first step, you could provide a libnfc's debug trace of your program with some hint about want to do IRL (ie. put the phone in field, remove phone from field, etc.)

This way we may seen something without hardware requirements smile

Romuald Conty

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I would like to upload my images for the pn532 configuration and also the android logcat but in this website I have no idea how to post some images. The most I can do is take you to … amp;t=4876
or this one … tId=zzzzz~