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Topic: ACR122U: nfc-emulate-* noob questions.

Hi, i'm starting to work with libnfc(1.4.2) and i would like to know some info about tag emulation on ACR122U.
Libnfc comes out with 3 tools:

I have to emulate a MFC with 4byte UID(need many attempts with different UIDs ) and i have some some doubts:
-Which tool should i use? emulate-uid or emulate-tag?
-What's an initiator and how should i use it?
Basically i'm trying to change cards' UIDs to study A/B keys generation algo, that's based on UID. I want to make a byte-a-byte change on UID to find which bytes are involved in keys generation.


Re: ACR122U: nfc-emulate-* noob questions.


First 1.4.2 is not supported anymore, please use the last stable version 1.7.x.
Next, please read manual pages of these tools :-), thanks.

Romuald Conty