Topic: Reading data from ISO14443B Card

I have a ISO14443B card and ACR122U, how can I dump the whole card data to a file? I have Ubuntu and the latest version of libnfc installed. Thank you.

Re: Reading data from ISO14443B Card

Hello! I'm also trying to read/write datas from an ISO14443B Card. I'm quite busy right now and I don't have so much time to spend on this so my discoveries are just limited:-)

Looking inside libnfc examples and a troubleshoot in this forum I wrote this simple code that prints on console UID of the card. As you can see, you have to call "nfc_initiator_list_passive_targets" twice since there's a known bug in the library. Obviously you have to change the second  "nfc_modulation nm2" settings with your card modulation. Actually I'm reading an ISO14443B-2 SR card so my modulation is  "NMT_ISO14443B2SR"

Right know I'll look forward for get card datas and write inside blocks. If anyone of you have suggestions or can point me to some examples/manual it will be very appreciated:-)

// To compile this simple example:
// $ gcc -o quick_start_example1 quick_start_example1.c -lnfc

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <nfc/nfc.h>

void print_nfc_target(const nfc_target *pnt, bool verbose)
  char *s;
  str_nfc_target(&s, pnt, verbose);
  printf("%s", s);

int main(int argc, const char *argv[])
    nfc_device *pnd;
    nfc_target nt;

    // Allocate only a pointer to nfc_context
    nfc_context *context;

    // Initialize libnfc and set the nfc_context
    if (context == NULL) {
      printf("Unable to init libnfc (malloc)\n");

    // Display libnfc version
    const char *acLibnfcVersion = nfc_version();
    printf("%s uses libnfc %s\n", argv[0], acLibnfcVersion);

    // Open, using the first available NFC device
    pnd = nfc_open(context, NULL);

    if (pnd == NULL) {
      printf("ERROR: %s\n", "Unable to open NFC device.");
    // Set opened NFC device to initiator mode
    if (nfc_initiator_init(pnd) < 0) {
      nfc_perror(pnd, "nfc_initiator_init");

    printf("NFC reader: %s opened\n", nfc_device_get_name(pnd));

    nfc_target ant[1];
    nfc_modulation nm;
    nm.nmt = NMT_ISO14443B;
    nm.nbr = NBR_106;

    printf("%s\n",nfc_strerror(pnd)); // print Success

    nfc_target ant2[1];
    nfc_modulation nm2;
    nm2.nmt = NMT_ISO14443B2SR;
    nm2.nbr = NBR_106;

    int res = 0;
    int n = 0;
    res = nfc_initiator_list_passive_targets(pnd, nm2, ant2, 1);
    printf("%s\n",nfc_strerror(pnd)); // print Success

//    printf("Cart identifier: %s\n", nt.nti.nsi.abtUID);
    for (n = 0; n < res; n++) {
      print_nfc_target(&ant2[n], true);

    // Close NFC device
    // Release the context