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Topic: Touchatag RFID readers on Processing

Developed a library for Processing with libnfc that allows users to connect and read from cheap touchatag RFID readers on the Windows platform.

This library affords the simultaneously connection of multiple readers, and up to three tags on each one (due to performance issues of the tags themselves on the touchatag reader). This project was tested on Windows 7 Professional and Windows XP SP3, with Processing 1.0.9.

You can download it here. For this library to work, users only need to install the Windows CCID PCSC driver, the touchatag software client isn't necessary. For more information head to the library's page on Google code.


import touchatag.*;
Touchatag rfid;

// Defines the maximum number of touchatag
// readers that might be connected to the computer 
int numOfReaders = 3;

// This library affords up to three touchatag
// tags on each of the touchatag readers
String[][] tags = new String[numOfReaders][3];

void setup() {
  // Optionally, if only one touchatag reader will
  // be used: rfid = new Touchatag(this) 
  rfid = new Touchatag(this, numOfReaders);

void draw() {
  // Gets the number of touchatag readers connected
  int readers = rfid.On();
  if (readers != 0) {
     // Gets the tags for each of the touchatag readers
     for (int i = 0; i < readers; i++) {
     tags[i] = rfid.tagsOnReader(i);