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Topic: libnfc/touchatag and ISO14443 Type B

I have been playing with the Andante public transport tickets from Porto, which are presumably ISO14443 Type B tags:

My reader device is the touchatag reader, which according to its specs should also support these ISO14443 Type B tags:

I have been trying to read those tags using the latest SVN version 253 of libnfc by selecting ISO14443B_106 using the following code:

Unfortunately none of the two tickets I have is recognized. Did I miss something I should consider for these tag types?
I'd like to add support for these tags to my application, since this might be simply a cheap source of RFID tags.

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Re: libnfc/touchatag and ISO14443 Type B

I have one card of Andante tickets ,and i tried with touchatag reader but it didnt recognize tag.
I was thinking that in Porto using another frecuency.

When you do it,i will try it!

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Re: libnfc/touchatag and ISO14443 Type B

There is some info on this libnfc bug related to that kind of portuguese cards.