Topic: Install rule would be nice


An install rule in the linux-makefile would be nice.


Re: Install rule would be nice

Great Idea!

To be honest, I'm no Unix expert. Maybe someone can help me with this?
How to get it working on Linux/BSD as well on (Mac OS X)?

Cheers, Roel

Re: Install rule would be nice

Hi Roel.

I "installed" the library manually and it works so far:

* Copy to /usr/local/lib
* Copy all header files to /usr/local/include/libnfc/
* run ldconfig

libnfc.h is then available via #include <libnfc/libnfc.h>

btw.: I use ccid-1.3.10.tar.bz2 as CCID driver for my ACR122

The problem is that i have only a little exeriance with shared librarys, i know how to use them but i don't know whats up with all the magic links and version numbers.