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Topic: Custom URL / URI write, bad data

I've never had this issue before today, happens over two devices that I have to test with free and pro versions.

It seems append parts of the new string or omit certain part of the string to be written.

I assumed my tag was getting old but it works fine with NXP TagWriter?

I do use this tag for testing, so it has had many writes to it but id couldn't imagine it would be over a 100 yet.

The Tag is an MiFare Ultralight NTAG213, let me know if there is more information I should supply here.

I have tested the URI on another (new) MiFare Ultralight NTAG (much bigger in size) and it worked fine.

After erasing the problem NFC to factory default using NXP TagWriter (not Erase & format as NDEF) it started working fine again (with NFC Tools). Before i was unable to use the Erase tag option with NFC Tools (would complain it is not supported) and format did not help. After Erase to default with TagWriter i can now successfully run the Erase option with NFC Tools.

Just a heads up, I dont know how you can replicate this unless (i assume) you have a tag with data that has since become ?corrupt?