Topic: MFOC and ACR122U

Heys guys,
I've tried everything I could but I just can't make mfoc work with my reader.
I'm running both Ubuntu and OpenSUSE in VMWare and tried everything I came across online with some degree of success however I can't stop getting the "UNABLE TO CLAIM USB INTERFACE".
Can someone post some instructions on how to install all the packages necessary to run MFOC on a fresh install of Ubuntu or OpenSUSE or some other distro?


PS: I do know both A and B keys of sector 0 and the key's UID
KEY A: a0a1a2a3a4a5 (Sector 0)
KEY B: b4c132439eef (Sector 0)
UID: 00C7F1A0
The key has 5 sectors