Topic: Communication with Desfire, RC522

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make reader of mifare cards using RaspberryPi and RC522 reader. To do so, I used example code for arduino from here:

(i couldn't post url...)
electrodragon dot com

I have used WiringPi library and after few changes in code I was able to comunicate with Mifare One.
However, I am unable to work with desfire... After sending request 0x26 or 0x52 desfire is sending nothing back... I have tried some things, but I couldn't find anything that helped.
I am new in working with readers and cards, so there is possibility, that I just haven't seen really stupid mistake.

Did anyone solved this? Can you help me?

Thanks a lot for your time.


Re: Communication with Desfire, RC522


I also tried the RC522 with a lot of different tags/cards. The following are NOT working for me
* Mifare Ultralight C MFOICU2, 7byte-UID
* Mifare Classic 1K 'MF1 IC S5009'
* Mifare DESFire EV1 (MF3ICD81)
* Mifare Classic 1K (emulated)

seems that the hardware does not support the tags / antenna is not very good(?)

see also (german page) http://regnerischernachmittag.wordpress … fare-tags/

Re: Communication with Desfire, RC522

Hello rena2019,

thanks a lot for your reply. I will buy different reader then.

Re: Communication with Desfire, RC522

i don't know much about RC522 reader, but I have PN532 which works with libnfc ( nfc-tools/ libnfc) and libfreefare ( nfc-tools/ libfreefare ) if it helps you.

Cheers SloCompTech