Topic: New to NFC, learning with Mifare Classic

I am new to NFC and trying to learn. I'm comfortable with linux/command line tools and have things working, but am trying to understand how things work a bit better.

I have a SCL3711 USB device and am using nfc-tools, mfoc and mfcuk.

I have an Infineon Mifare Classic 1k card and am trying to clone it. My goal is to make it indistinguishable from the original when read.

I bought two cards from, the $22 "UID Changeable Mifare® 1k (S50) Classic Compatible Card [Block 0 Direct Write]" and the $9 "UID Changeable | Writable Mifare® Classic 1k (S50) Compatible Card [High Stability]"

I have dumped all cards with mfoc and mfcuk

I have then written the original card to each of the blanks with the following commands:

nfc-mfclassic w a orginalcardtoclone.mfd dumpwithkeys22.mfd (for the $22 card)
nfc-mfclassic W a originalcardtoclone.mfd dumpwithkeys9.mfd (for the $9 card)

after doing so both appear to have the correct UID, but the card I am trying to clone is an Infineon card, so the SAK is 88. When I clone the card, even though it shows the new UID, it still shows the original SAK of 08 when i read the card with nfc-list. Is there anyway to change the SAK on the cloned card to match the original?

I've done quite a bit of research, but haven't found any comprehensive guides. There is alot of talk about magic chinese cards, backdoor commands, different generations, etc, but being so new to this I don't know what I bought vs what many of these older posts are referencing.

My questions are:
Is it possible to change the SAK on the cloned card?
When writing the card with nfc-mfclassic does it matter if I use the a or b keys?
Does the above command write all info from the original to the new card making it an exact duplicate? Or does something else need to be done?
What is the best way to verify that the info on the original and cloned cards are identical? I calculated the sha checksums of the original cards dump file and the clones after re-dumping them and they did not match. Is there a better way to verify things?
What are the differences between the two cards I bought from
Are there any precautions I need to take to ensure that I don't lock the cards so they can't be overwritten again?

Any help is much appreciated.