Topic: question about "Magic Chinese" cards

Hi everyone.

I know that there are two generations of "Magic Chinese" cards: generation 1 and generation  2, the generation 1 cards are backdoored so I cannot write to any block before using the "backdoor" commands, on the other hand, the generation 2 cards are writable directly without  using the "backdoor" commands.

the question is if I use a official genuine RFID reader (such as uFR classic which is D-logic product) to write to any block in the  "Magic Chinese" card (including block 0 of sector 0) using direct write command without using the "backdoor" or special commands , what is the response/reply of that"Magic Chinese" card to this normal direct write command in the case of:
1)generation 1 "Magic Chinese" card???
2)generation 2"Magic Chinese" card???