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Topic: Changing a AES key...

Hi all,

I'm working on DESFire EV1. After authentication, I want to change a AES key of card but I receive a code error 0x1e (CRC or MAC does not match data Padding bytes not valid).
The data I sent to card as follows:

CRC32_1 over: Cmd + Key No + (New Key ^ Old Key) + New Key Version
CRC32_2 over: New Key
AES ( New Key + New Key Version + CRC32_1 + CRC32_2 + 7 bytes zero(padding))
Send: Cmd + Key No + encrypted AES data


P.s: I use AES CBC mode.

Re: Changing a AES key...

The problem is fixed!
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Re: Changing a AES key...

Hi Chiase,

What was the problem ?
I have the same error and I don't find any solution. Can you share your answer please ?