Topic: How read multiple block different sector mifare tag

I'm wanting to read the data you put in 4 blocks from my Mifare 1k tag instantly recognizing the tag. Since two blocks are an industry and the other two blocks are another sector. I managed to read 2 blocks of the same sector but in different sectors do not. The problem that appears is authentication error.

I'm reading that tag through this library code: github . com/mxgxw/MFRC522-python

Follows stretch the code I'm reading two blocks of the same sector, I wonder as well as read blocks of other sectors, I believe it's something with the authentication key.

# This loop keeps checking for chips. If one is near it will get the UID and authenticate
while continue_reading:

# Scan for cards
(status,TagType) = MIFAREReader.MFRC522_Request(MIFAREReader.PICC_REQIDL)

# If a card is found
if status == MIFAREReader.MI_OK:
    print "Card detected"

# Get the UID of the card
(status,uid) = MIFAREReader.MFRC522_Anticoll()

# If we have the UID, continue
if status == MIFAREReader.MI_OK:

    # Print UID
    print "Card read UID: "+str(uid[0])+","+str(uid[1])+","+str(uid[2])+","+str(uid[3])

    # This is the default key for authentication
    key = [0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF,0xFF]

    # Select the scanned tag
   sectorTrailer = 3
   1block = 1
   2block = 2

    # Authenticate
    status = MIFAREReader.MFRC522_Auth(MIFAREReader.PICC_AUTHENT1A, sectorBlock, key, uid)

    # Check if authenticated
    if status == MIFAREReader.MI_OK:
        print "Authentication error. Sector Trailer " + str(sectorTrailer)