Topic: mfoc mfcuk can't recover "new" mifare classic 1k and magic chin

hello, from france.

as i say in the title, i have issues with new official mifare card.
neither mfcuk or mfoc can't recover keys all time.
so, what i had in hands : 2 new keyfob (bticino)
1 with a0a1a2a3a4a5 key so i'have made a dump with mfoc,
but when i try to find key with mfcuk it doesn't recover anything.
the other card is without any known keys so i can't recover anything at all...

i'have the same issue with the famous uid0 rewritable chinese card.
i can make a dump with mfoc and known keys.
but not with mfcuk in the booth case of known an not known inside keys.

i think, like other before me that they have "patch" the hardware so we can't recover new mifare 1k card keys.

do you think that mfcuk can be improve to work again with chinese or new mifare cards ?

i know than it's not mfcuk forum here and there is an issue in mfoc alradeay open there :
ht tps://

do you think than we can expect a sotware improve or the "hole" has been patched forever ??


Re: mfoc mfcuk can't recover "new" mifare classic 1k and magic chin

The problem has been mentioned in the Proxmark forum (I wanted to make a link but the board software won't let me).

It seems the new Mifare Classic cards include a fixed random number generator that prevents the attacks used by mfcuk. It seems the only way to hack those cards is by snooping on a legitimate transaction with a Proxmark3 (or similar).