Topic: mfcuk error after ~970 auth with an ACR122


sorry for my terrible english but i try to describe my problem!

im trying to get teh key of a mifare card with mfcuk.
after installing a lot of tools and drivers i have now a problem i cant slove alone

after ~ 970 auth mfcuk crashes and runs verry fast and im getting this error:

$ sudo mfcuk -C -R 0:A -s 450 -S 450 -v 3
mfcuk: ERROR: mfcuk_key_recovery_block() (error code=0x08)
mfcuk: ERROR: configuring NP_ACTIVATE_FIELD

in this moment when everything is crashing, the LED of my reader (ACR122U) turns red and pcsc says:

$ sudo pcscd -f

99999999 ifdwrapper.c:461:IFDControl() Card not transacted: 612
99999999 winscard.c:925:SCardDisconnect() Error resetting card.

i have no idea how to slove this ..

sometimes i geht randomly this:

mfcuk: ERROR: mfcuk_key_recovery_block() (error code=0x03)

can anybody help me?


Re: mfcuk error after ~970 auth with an ACR122


ACR122U does have the worst support in libnfc... That's not a problem from software, that's an hardware problem.
Please read wiki about issues around this reader.

Romuald Conty