Topic: Windows software for retrieving keys and cloning cards

I bought myself a libnfc ready NFC reader/writer and some "magic" cards/fobs. However, I'm unable to find software that can actually read my existing fob, retrieve the keys and then write a copy. Is there anything like that out there? I was recommended to look at mfoc, but that's just to crack an existing dump, isn't it? No matter what it really is or does, I cannot figure out how to compile it. I even installed cygwin, but it doesn't want to run the configure or install scripts.

Any help would be appreciated! I haven't done anything Linux-y for 20-ish years and was hoping to be able to stay on my windows computer.

Cheers! smile

Re: Windows software for retrieving keys and cloning cards

mfoc or mfcuk should both be able to crack the keys and dump the contants of your Mifare Classic cards/fobs. You can then write that data to your "magic" cards with the tools available as part of libnfc.

No, mfoc cracks the keys from the card/fob but requires you to know a key for at least one sector of the card. Most cards use a known key for at least one sector though. You can also use mfcuk to find keys without knowing anything but it takes a lot longer so it's normally best to try mfoc directly and only use mfcuk to find a single key to feed to mfoc if needed.

I have no idea how well any of the tools work on Windows. This kind of stuff is usually much better supported on Linux anyway.