Topic: [Success] Open Suse 13.1, ACR-122U, LibNFC, MFOC

First off, thanks to soistdas for the post on getting LibNFC to work correctly, and earlier posts by others.

I have just installed an Open Suse 13.1 x-64 build (network install). After installation, I did a search for LibNFC through the 'Add/Remove" software application. The search gave me 3 packages that I installed:
    - libnfc devel 1.7.0-rc7-2.1.2
   - libnfc-tools 1.7.0-rc-
   - libnfc4 1.7.0-rc7.2.1.2

All of these installed easily through the UI.

After running nfc-list, I got the "Unable to Claim.." error. Using the post from soistdas, I created the file " /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-libnfc.conf" with two entries:
          blacklist pn533
          blacklist nfc
I restarted Open Suse and the nfc-list command executed properly, showing my ACR-122.

After LibNFC was working, I went into Add/Remove Software again and did a search on MFOC. The installer came up with
"MFOC 0.10.6-2.1.1" which I installed from the UI.

  Another restart (I don't know if this was needed) and I opened a root command window. I executed the MFOC command with a blank card on the reader and it just started singing along.

I know there have been a lot of odd problems getting everything to work, particularly with the versions of software and the ACR-122U, and felt compelled to report what one would have to call a nearly out-of-box (with the one file addition) success without any specialized knowledge of Linux whatsoever. I have messed around with a few Open Suse builds in the past, and spent an entire weekend trying to get LibNFC and MFOC to work on probably 6 or 7 different builds/versions. It was almost too easy!

MFOC has just completed running on a card that I wanted to examine, and it does not appear that there are any hardware errors.

I can collect specific hardware/versions for the hardware/reader if anyone is interested.

  I did select the "keep downloaded packages" option in Open Suse, so I am pretty sure the actual package files are in this machine somewhere. I installed this on a small SDD, and will run through a full documented set of actions on a normal hard drive soon.

Re: [Success] Open Suse 13.1, ACR-122U, LibNFC, MFOC

Hello! Thanks for your post. For me, this method worked well. Similarly, you can run on Ubuntu using Synaptic.
Regards! ;-)