Topic: libfreefare to android

With the help of this community i have successfully ported the libnfc to android and its working fine tested with nfc-list as executable.Now iam trying to port libfreefare to android for mifare-classic ndef format reading but iam facing errors like external/libfreefare/libfreefare/mifare_desfire.c:374:5: error: the address of 'cmd1' will always evaluate as 'true' [-Werror=address]
external/libfreefare/libfreefare/mifare_desfire.c:403:5: error: the address of 'cmd2' will always evaluate as 'true' [-Werror=address]

i only need the mifare-classic  to be enabled but freefare.c included in is calling the functions defined in mifare_desfire.c also so i included mifare_desfire.c in but iam getting the errors as above any help from this community will be useful to me..