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Papyrus wrote:

Okay so the heart of the problem with my attempts to build 1.7.1 on Windows is the PCRE, as the files I've attempted to install and/or unzip have not played nice with the MinGW build. The readme file mentions nothing about the various folder options and what not as it assumes you know what to do with the it.

I won't bother you about these details as you mentioned that you're not keen on supporting a version out of cycle with the main tree, but I would love a binary set to play with.

Email forthcoming, but I'm still interested in what was the hangup with the PCRE inclusion. I should at least update the documentation if it's confusing for some.

FWIW, here's what I do:

Downloaded the PCRE developer zip: … ib-zip.php
Then in the CMake GUI pointed:

PCRE_INCLUDE_DIRS to the include directory of the unpacked zip
PCRE_LIBRARIES to the pcre.lib in the lib directory of the unpacked zip

That should be similar to how folk deal with LibUsb I was hoping, but I might be doing things more manual as I don't expect things to be discovered properly on windows (since installation locations are a bit more arbitrary)

Re: libnfc for Beginners

ohh Great! tank you!

Re: libnfc for Beginners


Please read README files :-)
Feel free to complete them if something is missing...

Romuald Conty